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Every minute, hundreds of hours of video are uploaded to video-sharing platforms. Billions of videos are viewed daily. No matter, most of the time you have been watching videos online, probably downloading your favorite videos for offline viewing has occurred to you for personal use, or maybe you want to share it with your friend or do you want to upload this video as your story on apps like whatsapp, facebook, snapchat or instagram. Despite such massive usage, video sharing websites are quite limited when it comes to downloading videos from social media websites and apps including Facebook and Instagram. Every video sharing website's policy is different, so be sure to read the policy before moving forward, in the United States and many other countries sharing copyrighted video author is illegal. Cause? They want users to only watch the video on the website and not download it for offline use. Their idea is to keep people coming back for more and keep the user on their online platform. This increases the percentage of views/clicks on the ads (their main source of revenue) and increases the engagement of their ad publisher.

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